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Becoming fit physically and mentally once I become a Dad...

When we first got the little boy placed last year under foster to adopt and all the stress of the uncertainty started I put a load of weight on and became very unfit. When we lost the little boy because he went back to his birth family I then couldn't stop exercising (diet didn't start). We had taken a month out of the country so I got to run in a lot cool places and used hotel gyms A LOT, especially when I couldn't sleep. This was not necessarily the best way of dealing with it but at the time it's what I needed. Running helps me to get clarity of thought and I find subconsciously it allows me to process lots of things.

When I went back to work and we then started the matching process again my exercise became sporadic at best and the diet still wasn't there. But once we'd confirmed we had a match and were going to panel I decided that I really needed to start a routine that was something I could maintain whilst looking after a child. As I said running is my go to but that wasn't always going to be easy to do, so I re-downloaded a home workout app I used a few years before, previously it was Runtastic Results but now it's just called Results, now purchased by Adidas.

I purchased a subscription which then develops a plan for you over the term you buy. I've managed to loose 5 kilos but sometimes I'm down 6, my body is more toned and I'm feeling really good (see progress pic below). So how do I fit this into my day? Well I started by doing it at nap time once I got a handle on routine, having lunch then a little sit down before the afternoon started but I was finding that this left me very little time to clean up, prep lunch, do shores etc... So I started doing just before the little one went down, at first it was difficult because they kept getting the way but after a couple of times they actually started enjoying watching, I got lots of laughs and kisses, a bit of copying too!

Left: April Right: August

So it's now working really well and still giving me the time to eat and do chores in peace whilst getting a little down time. Someone suggested I start doing the squats with them on my shoulders for extra weight, so I may start that as they like sitting on my shoulders!

A result of regular exercise is that mentally I feel better too, not just because it proven to make you feel better but all because I'm more body confident and my fitness has increased hugely!

To be clear, THIS IS NOT AN AD! I just like the app and if you're looking for something at home it's worth checking out, it will start at your fitness level and adjust based on your feedback.

Click below to see their site and download the app...

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